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Braised Pork
with Leek, Green Olives and Prunes
People: 4 Cook: 40 min.
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Fair Helen’s Turkey
on vermacelli with capers
People: 6 Cook: 10 min.
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Lamb with Wild Greens
and egg-lemon sauce
People: 4-6 Cook: 40 min.
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eggplant with minced meat
People: 6 Cook: 45 min.
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Sardinia Style Pork
ham, peppers, and mushrooms
People: 6 Cook: 120 min.
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Sicilian Hare
with oregano and wine
People: 6 Cook: 30 min.
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Veal Ragout
with courgettes and tomatoes
People: 6 Cook: 60 min.
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