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Baked Potatoes
with Kalamata olives
People: 2-4 Cook: 15 min.
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Cairo Lentils
bowtie pasta with tomato sauce
People: 6 Cook: 25 min.
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Cesme Dolma
stuffed vine leaves
People: 8-10 Cook: 25 min.
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Corfu Saganaki
shrimp in rich tomato sauce
People: 4 Cook: 35 min.
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Halloumi & Smoked Venison
with zesty lemon wedges
People: 4-6 Cook: 15 min.
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Mary’s Specialty
vine leaves with mussels & crabmeat
People: 8-10 Cook: 0 min.
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with crumbled anthotyro cheese
People: 2-4 Cook: 20 min.
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Pizza à la Grecque
with feta cheese and anchovies
People: 8 Cook: 20 min.
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Saint Tropez Soufflé
Kasseri cheese with nutmeg
People: 4 Cook: 45 min.
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Steamed Mussels
with stuffed olives and ouzo
People: 2-4 Cook: 10 min.
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Venice Lasagna
with crispy bacon and tomato
People: 4-6 Cook: 25 min.
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